Director's Update - Spring 2014

Grace, Peace and Mercy to all of you in the name of Christ! Thanks to many of you for your support, participation and prayers on our behalf. Here are some recent Wellspring highlights:

On December 7, 2013 at the Wellspring Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, Pastor Rob Morris of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Newtown, Connecticut led us in the offering, Spiritual Leadership in a Time of Crisis. Pastor Morris’ insight and advice, particularly his perspective from the profound tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School near the one-year anniversary, was powerful and well-received. Leaders from a variety of congregations and organizations expressed gratitude and departed with valuable strategies and counsel to impart to their respective ministries.

During Lent, we held Wellspring's second Senior Pastors’ Retreat at one of our covenant congregations, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Williamsburg, VA. These retreats provide an opportunity for senior leaders to share insight, information, and counsel specific to large congregations. Mr. Carl Lum, Chief Executive Officer of Busch Gardens, Williamsburg and Mr. Glenn Mahnken, Chief Marketing Officer of Concordia Plan Services were presenters at the session. As of this writing, our Program Committee is planning and gathering to develop a slate of offerings for the months ahead.

Several hundred ministry leaders, both lay and professional, have attended our seminar offerings over the past few years and have been informed, recharged, refreshed and inspired for leadership in the Lord’s ministry. We continue to follow up with many of these leaders, at their request, to provide strategic planning, consultation, change management and other prayerful support in their ministry leadership.

Wellspring, described by participants as a “unique blend of information and inspiration,” aims to continue producing high-quality and compelling ministry offerings. We also seek to expand efforts to support ministry leaders, both professional and lay, in today's high-pressure environment that can often lead to ministry burnout and malaise. To facilitate these important programs, we ask for your support, partnership and leadership. Please pray with us, and as the Spirit moves you or your congregation or organization, please prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to support the ministry. You may click HERE to donate. In addition, please keep in touch and let us know how we can assist you in your Christian leadership role in the church and in the world. Thank you!