Director's Update - Winter 2015

We thank God that:

Over a thousand ministry leaders, both lay and professional, have now attended our seminar offerings over the past few years and have been informed, recharged, refreshed and inspired for leadership in the Lord’s ministry. We follow up with many of these leaders, at their request, to provide strategic planning, consultation, change management and other prayerful support in their ministry leadership.

For the finished Wellspring Center at the Lutheran Church of St. Andrew, Silver Spring, Maryland, which our participants and partners are enjoying, with its state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, in a worshipful, retreat atmosphere.

Our partner congregations have signed covenants with Wellspring and have formed the “Wellspring Association of Congregations”, becoming stakeholders in the ministry and development of Wellspring.

Our senior leaders group meets in retreats both at the Wellspring Center and in other venues to share information and support for ministry in large congregations.

Our sponsors, such as Thrivent Financial, the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, and Concordia Plan Services continue to provide support and partnership.

In order for this “unique blend of information and inspiration” to continue to produce high-quality and compelling ministry offerings, and expand its efforts to support ministry leaders, both professional and lay, we will call upon your support, partnership and leadership.  We ask for you to pray for us, and as the Spirit moves you or your congregation or organization, please consider making a financial contribution.  Please donate by clicking here.  In addition, let us know how we can assist you in your Christian leadership role in the church and in the world.  Please visit us on-line at and may His Peace be will you always! A blessed new year to you and yours!  Thanks for your prayers, contribution, participation, and/or partnership in this venture we call Wellspring, “…a continuing source of supply…”

Rev. Jotham Johann, Esq.
Executive Director