Men's Conference:  "Men of God: Faith-Power-Influence" - Held October 7, 2017
How do men of influence from all over the spectrum come together for good at home, at work, at play? They do.  You can too. God's power is your power.  It's the only power that counts.  A day of powerful insights and practical advice from those whose power and influence are grounded in the light and leading of Christ, featuring a variety of breakouts and keynote sessions by Rev. Dr. Victor Belton, Concordia College - New York, and Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D.

Women's Gathering:  "Faith Balance" - Held October 15, 2016
This fast-paced, media drenched world can make focus and balance hard to find. Come to relax andrecharge body, mind and spirit as you learn, laugh. strech and grow. A day filled with inspiration, information and choices.  You'll have time for activity, creativity, contemplation and learning ... words of wisdom, sharing ideas ... healthy food, great music, and fair trade shopping, too!  Leave with renewed hope and tools to help you find and keep your balance in Christ.  Keynote speaker, Tricia Davis-Muffett, program builder, business executive, woman of God.

Women's Gathering:  "Lead Where You Are" - Held October 3, 2015
Not a retreat, but you'll relax.  Not a conference, but you'll learn and grow.  Not ordinary.  Quite simply, a game changer.  No matter where you are in life, work, or family, there are opportunities for women of faith to have influence.  Any ordinary moment can be transformed for lasting impact by God's amazing grace.  A day filled with inspiration, information and choices.  You'll have time for activity, creativity, contemplation and learning ... words of wisdom, sharing ideas ... healthy food, great music, and fair trade shopping, too!  You'll leave with an infusion of energy, encouragement, and fresh ideas to take bold steps wherever God is calling you!

Outreach to Millenials
As mainline churches shrink and fewer young adults identify with and participate in Christian communities, what can we do to reach and engage them to build up the body of Christ for future generations?  A half day seminar full of sobering statistics, enlightening research, and provocative discussion led by Dr. Tony Cook of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. 

Spiritual Leadership in the 21st Century
For all Parish Pastors, Staff and Lay Leaders! Discover insights that will help you understand our changing world and lead you to deeper joy and a greater sense of purpose in supporting one another to accomplish God’s work in the world and in your community!

  • Listen … to challenging commentary being made about the church today

  • Discuss …  how these views and trends might inform your ministry

  • Fellowship … and grow in relationship with other leaders

  • Worship … and praise God for His blessings as we seek guidance for the future

What you learn will benefit your church life, home life, and work life too! Designed for Ministry Teams!

Personality & Spirituality: How Do They Connect?
Explore and experience how our unique traits and preferences can inform the ways that we connect to the Gospel and the body of Christ. Uncover insights that will help you recognize and embrace the variety of gifts among God's people and more effectively minister with them to move His mission forward in new and healthy ways.

Grace in the Pastor-Parish Dance
What does a healthy, God-honoring relationship between a pastor and congregation look like? The foundation of a contagiously joyful and effective congregational ministry is rooted in a good and grace-filled relationship between parish members and pastoral leaders, but how does that happen? In this seminar, Concordia Seminary’s Dr. Bruce Hartung leads participants through presentation, discussion, and group activities to discover where and how pastors and their “flocks” can grow in relationship to build a stronger, holistic, and more mission-driven community of faith! Seminar topics will include an exploration of:
  • Typical core issues in a “not-so-together” relationship
  • Building blocks of human interaction in the body of Christ
  • More than words…it’s about behavior
  • Walking together in Christ – but not in “lockstep”

The seminar will help pastors, church staff, ministry teams, and lay leaders discover many of the keys to healthy, vibrant ministry for the sake of God’s mission.

New Visions: Leadership for Mission
An outgrowth of years of work with churches in transition, this 2-day workshop led by Rev. Dr.Pete Steinke, employs scriptural foundation and experiential insight to equip leaders as effective advocates for mission focus in their congregations. The lecture, discussion, exercises, and take-home materials will prepare church leaders to raise mission consciousness, plan for mission, and implement mission efforts in the communities where they worship and serve. The seminar focus is to effect groundbreaking change – in participants, their congregations, and the world – through fresh insights into sharing the good news of the Gospel!  Dr. Peter Steinke is an internationally respected author and consultant who has served as a parish pastor, an educator, and a therapist. His study of systems theory and experience in conflict resolution bring new and creative insights to problem solving. Pete is the author of 10 books including How Your Church Family Works, Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times, and his most recent work, A Door Set Open: Grounding Change in Mission and Hope, on which this workshop is based.

Holding Up the Prophet's Hand
When Moses' hands grew tired ... Aaron and Hur held his hands up, one on one side, one on the other, so his hands remained steady till sunset. Exodus 17:12
Congregational Leaders - spend an insightful day with Dr. Bruce Hartung as he explores the subject of his recent book, Holding Up the Prophet's Hand. A "quiet crisis" is happening among clergy and church workers. Many suffer in silence with little support, while others leave the ministry, burned-out and frustrated. The harvest is plentiful, but many workers are tired! Dr. Hartung will bring to light a myriad of issues and challenges faced by faith workers today and reveal strategies that can be used to support them for more effective ministry. Includes time for worship, light lunch, and small group discussion.  An author, pastor, and counselor, Dr. Hartung holds a PhD in Pastoral Psychology & Counseling and serves as Professor of Pastoral Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.